Saturday, December 03, 2016

Winter Project

Today I'm linking up with Jennifer at Thistlebear and her Winter Project Link Party. Thanks for hosting Jennifer! 

I usually have something on the go throughout the winter. At this time of year it's most often a Christmas present. Right now I'm working on two scarves for two of my daycare kids. I'm often in a quandary with the kids because I know they get an absolute ton of gifts at Christmas from parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents (these two kids have 3 sets of grandparents), and friends! I have to keep my gift giving expenses quite low, and have been able to keep each gift at $15 each for many years. It's surprising what you can come up with for $15. A lot of times I'll give a small child a book with a handmade character or two that match up with the story. Last year I made felt animals to go with the book "The Mitten". It was fun to make and well received. 

This year the scarves are going to be given to the older kids. I had to wait until the kids wore their new winter coats so I could see the colours of them. The girl's coat is purple and blue with lime accents. I went with just the purple and blue.

I'm using a simple knit/purl pattern called the Two-Stitch Check. Basically you knit two, purl two all the way across one row. On the return row you purl the knits and knit the purls. It makes a surprisingly pretty pattern that is thick and squishy ... perfect for a cozy scarf. I also did two knit stitches at the beginning and ending of every row to make a slight border. The best part about this pattern is that it's the same on both sides, which is something you want for a scarf.

Since I'm only knitting four rows alternating with each colour, I twisted the yarn not in use up the sides. You can see that in the photo below.

I've decided to use up both the balls of yarn, and that will determine the length of the scarf. I thought I might like to add some pom poms on the ends, but I won't have enough yarn for that. Right now the scarf is 50 inches long. I worried a bit that I made it too wide at 8 1/2 inches, but everyone I ask thinks it's a nice width. The girl who is getting this is as tall as I am, so she's not a tiny thing. The scarf folds over nicely without too much bulk, so I think it'll be okay. 

I'm using acrylic yarn since I don't think the mom would bother to handwash a pure wool scarf for her kids. I prefer wool myself, but this is a fairly nice acrylic, and the colours were perfect for the girl's coat.

The next scarf will be for her brother. His coat is orange and grey. I have the yarn already, and will start on that as soon as I finish the purple & blue. I want to do a two-row alternating colour scheme, but still have to decide on a pattern. It might just be 1 x 1 ribbing to keep it simple and so the scarf will lie flat. However, I really, really hate doing a knit one, purl one pattern ... so much bringing the yarn forward and back! 

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Dreary November weather has descended on us this past week. As much as I love fall, I dislike a continuous stretch of dark days when indoor lights need to be on all day just to see what you're doing. Yesterday, despite a steady drizzle, I packed the kids into the van and we headed down the road to Thickson Woods. It's just big enough for them to run, run, run and get muddy and enjoy being outside a bit ... all within their hour limit. After an hour they want me to pick them up and carry them ... not happening. It was enough to get some fresh air in our lungs and the smell of wet leaves and pine needles into our senses. A few pics rounded out the adventure. My camera is not working properly (it won't take the photo!) so I'm reduced to using my phone. Some of the photos just didn't turn out nicely, but I got a few in the darkness :)

I like having the panoramic option on my phone!

There's not a lot happening out my way. Thinking of Christmas and working on knitted projects ... will show more on that soon. I'm making two of the daycare kids scarves to match their new coats. How wonderful it must be to buy a brand new winter coat every year. I have trouble finding winter coats for myself that aren't over $200 and will keep me warm when it's -20C. 

My neighbours are slowly adding their outdoor Christmas decorations to their homes. It starts suddenly around mid-November, when we're all shocked at how early the lights are going up. I hold off with the decorating until December actually arrives so that I've squeezed all I can out of fall first. 

I see we have one more leaf collection week with our municipal garbage. There are enough of my neighbours' leaves around my yard to warrant a few more bags to be put at the curb. My one neighbour continues to mow his lawn and have his noisy leaf blower going most days to get rid of every last possible leaf from his yard. I don't mind the more "relaxed" look of leaves trapped in corners and amongst the garden debris. It gives the bugs and the birds some measure of protection and food, and makes me feel just a teeny bit like I'm still living in the country living beside a forest where there wasn't much point in removing every single leaf.

Enough rambling. I've got to head over to the library this morning for "Fireside Storytime". Hopefully the large gas fire will be lit, as we all sit around together singing a few songs and listening to a few stories. It could be worse 😉

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Here's a couple of collages I made with the photos. Kind of neat.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cushion Cover Complete!

Well I tackled the cushion cover again yesterday after my trek out to Mississauaga to see Dear O'l Dad. The stitching for the braid was unpicked and the new front piece cut out and everything sewn back together again! It's now finished, filled with a down cushion (20" x 20") and sits on my daughter's bed looking quite nice. I just think the aqua braid could have been thicker as it's sort of hidden when the cushion is plumped up. I like it though, and I think she was right with the darker fabric choice afterall 😉

The envelope backing turned out well. I thought I might have to add some buttons, but it seems to stay closed and not split open. The overlap there is 3-inches deep in case anyone is interested. I think I would add another half inch to an inch on the overlap if I made this style of closure again (or maybe add three buttons across the folded under section).

Glad to have finished this simple and quick project. As is normal for me, just getting started on something is half the battle. Once I get going on it I really enjoy myself and want to continue sewing!

The coral looks really nice with the aqua and teal embroidery in her duvet cover and the aqua on the walls.

Now that this is finished, I can once again concentrate on sewing & knitting for Christmas. I received some yarn in the mail this week for review! This is a new venture for me, but I'm really looking forward to making something with that. The colours are gorgeous in this pure wool by Noro. As lame as it may sound, I think I'm going to knit a scarf so that a simple 1x1 rib pattern will not have to compete with the gorgeous colours. There will be more on this soon. I first have to see if I can pick up just one more ball of this same yarn in a local shop to knit the scarf I have in mind. Three balls of yarn are not going to work.

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Snow flurries here today with a wicked wind from the north 
... and it was 17C just two days ago!!

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"Bye Bye Autumn"