Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday

Joining up with Amy of Love Made My Home and Five on Friday!

Five things I've been enjoying so far this fall ...

One ... felt craftiness

Two ... northern paddlin' (Potter's Creek)

Three ... chilly misty morning sunrise (the water was still warm!)

Four ... cute toadstools

Five ... the wild calls of migrating Canada Geese in V-formation

I've been lighting the candles again. The heat isn't turned on just yet, and I'm loving that chill in the house after months of hot, hot, hot temperatures this summer! Rain has at long last found our little corner of the world again and a cozy blanket over the knees in the evening has been most welcome ;) 

What are you enjoying this fall?



On Saturday I'll be sharing a discovery in Algonquin Park, so be sure to call again!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Took a trip up to Algonquin Park for the weekend. Will sort through photos and share just a few so as not to bore you all to death with my love of the park ;) The weather was gorgeous ... the fall colours were, meh, not their best. Wildlife sightings were reduced to one raven, who was a rough looking character that my son said frequented the Portage Store regularly. And the way this guy was scouring the parking lot looking for food, I'm pretty sure it was the same raven. Gotta love these wild northern cousins of the crow.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creative Wednesday

I'm linking up today with my friend Kathy at Hummingbird Woodland Studio for her first link party of Creative Wednesday! Thanks for hosting this party Kathy :) Please stop by Kathy's blog to see what others are sharing, and since this is her first link party, maybe you have something creative you have made recently that you can share.

Creativity Wednesdays

This summer we made one of my favourite projects with the kids ... Faux Sun Prints. These are pretty much fool proof sun prints you can make easily with plain cotton fabric, watered down acrylic paints and various leaves of plants around your garden. We have experimented with different leaves, with some good and some not so good results. The ferns work particularly well, and I just love the patterns we get from them. I have a full tutorial here if you are interested.

Basically, you paint the fabric with watered-down acrylic paints, press fresh leaves into the paint and set this to dry in the sun. The kids love seeing the results, and we've done different things with the results.

Waiting for the paint to dry.

Revealing the image once dried.
 Last year we picked up some cute frames made with slices of real wood from the dollar store. 
It made a nice combination for the nature prints.

Look how nicely the fern turned out.

Another sample of the leaves drying on painted fabric in the sun ...

 ... and after it was dry and the leaves peeled away ...

Here are the pieces that the kids completed this summer ...

One of the kids didn't want anything done with his finished piece, but his sister asked for it to be made into a bag. I finished the bag last week for her.

On the reverse side I used another project she created making a stencil from freezer paper.
She was happy with the way I put them all together in a bag for her. 

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