Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love Notes. Scratch That. Dove Notes

I believe after yesterday's poking fun at the mourning doves, they have all been busy early this morning leaving me little "love notes"? No, wait, scratch that, they've been leaving "Dove Notes". Of course!

I wish I was better at bird hieroglyphics. I have a sneaky suspicion they're telling me they're not as dumb as they look! This is the best I could decipher from the little symbols ... let me know if you see something different.

hmmm ... "follow your h.e.a...?!"

"l.o.o.k. o.n. t.h.e. b.r.i.g.h..." I dunno

"W.a.l.k. a. m.i.l.e. i.n. m.y. .s.h.o..."  Whoops! a little mistake there

"b.i.r.d.s. o.f. a. f.e.a.t.h.e.r. f.l....?!"

The only one that was painfully clear to me was this last one ....

"b.i.r.d. f.e.e.d.e.r. e.m.p.t.y."
 Got it.

I have been enjoying watching a link that Quinn of Comptonia put me onto. It's a live cam set up above the nest of a Great Horned Owl in Savannah, Georgia, high up in a pine tree in a golfcourse. The link is through Cornell University. If you're into bird watching, this is so fun to watch. I pop in to see Mrs. GHO early in the morning, and then throughout the day. Owls are most active at night, of course, but you won't miss a thing. There's an infra-red light that picks up all the details all through the night without disturbing the owl. 

I've enjoyed watching Mrs. GHO sit through a rain storm, be visited by a little jay who landed with some surprise on her nest, and watching her roll the eggs. Mr. GHO does not help in the egg incubation, but he can be heard hooting softly to the Mrs. letting her know he's caught a little snack for her. When she hears that, off she goes for just a few minutes to collect her dinner. Then quickly back to the nest where she settles in for several more hours. She is such a good mother. This morning the crows were pestering her out of view of the camera, but very vocal. You could hear her giving little warning screeches to them, but she did not budge from her eggs (there are two eggs). Apparently, the eggs are soon to hatch in the next week or so. 

There are lots of little informative notes that people add on the side bar. If you do go to the live video, you can change the setting to high-def for an excellent, clear image. Just click on the "settings" cog wheel on the bottom tool bar of the video screen, click the tiny arrow, and scroll up to the "hd" option. I just love this viewing. Thank you so much Quinn for sharing this link. There are other bird cams set up too, but I like watching the owl the best. There was a pair of Great Horned Owls living in our woods when I was a kid, and I would often see them high up in the trees. I could usually find out where the owl was by following the racket the crows made trying to get them to leave. 

"t.h.a.n.k.s. f.o.r. s.t.o.p.p.i.n. b.y."

Wendy ;)

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Gang's All Here

Every day I get my resident doves coming for a meal under the feeders. When they've had their fill, they all settle in comfortably for an afternoon's repose on top of the arbour. I love mourning doves with all their subtle colouring and their sad little coos, but I think they seem a bit ... hmmm ... simple. I couldn't resist poking a little fun at them today.

click to enlarge ;)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Smug Bunny

Today it warmed up considerably, and even though there was a gale-force wind blowing, it was a bright sunny day. While walking the dog yesterday morning I came across a nice thick patch of ice with some leaves trapped in it. I used to enjoy skating on a creek on our property as a child, and my brother and I would often just lay down on the clear ice and watch life moving in the water underneath us. It was always so fascinating to see the little plants waving in the flow of the water.

This morning I took my camera along with me and snapped a few shots of those maple leaves trapped in the ice. It was this white maple leaf that grabbed my attention yesterday. I'm not sure how this "ice leaf" was created, but I think there was some thawing and refreezing involved.

Then I just continued along this little patch of ice collecting shots. There were interesting depths of layering of leaves and ice that didn't come across in the photos, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. The layer of ice over top of the leaves made such a soft texture that I quite liked.

My daughter came home for the weekend. I always think she's missing us, but I don't think it's the people that live here that she wants to see as much as the animals she wants to cuddle ...

Smudge was quite happy to oblige. He exudes cuteness without even trying ;) A very smug bunny.

Happy Weekend Everyone!