Thursday, November 20, 2014

Off We Go Again!

Off we go again ... smack dab into winter!  It's not terribly cold if you look at the thermometer, but boy! that wind is enough to knock you over this morning!  I pity the poor folks in Buffalo this week with their six feet of snow!  Can you believe that?!  And it all fell in 24 hours making weather history.  Cold comfort when you can't even get out your front door. We got the remnants of that storm yesterday afternoon and night.  We only got about 3 inches of snow.  This is the view out my own kitchen door today ...

The sky is blinkety blue, with brilliant white clouds scudding by.  The sun is bright and clear making the snow sparkle on the ground and in the air as the wind whips it high!  It's like nettles stinging your face when those sharp little crystal beads fly at you.  Did my son take a hat or cowl or even wear boots to school?!  No.  Too proud! But his ears will be burning red, and I'm sure his feet will be blocks of ice when he walks home this afternoon.  Sheesh! I'm tempted to pick him up at the end of the day (only so he doesn't ruin his shoes ... I did tell him to put all this winter gear on), but don't want to spoil the boy. 

Walking the dog was such fun.  Cody loves winter time and loves playing in the snow, as long as he doesn't get road salt between his paws. Already, the town is liberally salting the sidewalks, and the poor dog is already crying in pain and stopping and sitting on his little bum lifting all four paws in the air ... "please clean out my paws".  Now I carry him across the salt-encrusted areas, like in front of our elementary school, and at bus shelters. Such a pain.

The kitchen makeover is still going on ... and on and on and on. I am so tired of this endeavour right now.  I painted the framework with a very pale taupe, but it just looked white.  I was not happy with that, and my husband very kindly picked up another gallon of slightly darker taupe last night, and today I'll work again with that.  Yesterday, I primed four doors ... only 20 more to prime, and then I have to paint them all again in taupe.  sigh

I feel like it's all sitting in limbo at the moment.  More and more dishes are creeping out of the storage locker and are now sitting on my kitchen table as we get fed up with carting everything back and forth.  So clutter is rampant out there, and I'm feeling a little frantic.  I'll show more progress photos when I get the framework painted up.  

A lunch date with my daughter up in university town has been cancelled for Sunday.  She's swamped with work, and asked us to hold off for another week.  Just as well.  They got a foot of snow up there. Maybe we can get close to finished with the kitchen on Sunday instead.  I'm not even sure I want to drive to visit my dad on Saturday, but I really like to check up on things with him once a week.  The surprises I find in his room are numerous, and you can't expect the care workers to look in his closet and dresser drawers, but he tends to hide things away.  I noticed he stole a package of sugared ginger from the kitchen.  He loves ginger.  I thought my sister had bought it for him, but she said no.  oops! They're calling for more snow on Saturday ... how I hate driving in winter on the highway through Toronto to see him.  ugh!  double ugh!!

I need to look at something besides winter white now ...

 .... ahhhh, that's a bit better ;)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here & Now

Loving walking the dog in the crisp winter air even though it's earlier than normal.

Eating crock pot whole chicken after a day of painting.

Drinking lots of warm drinks ... tea and hot chocolate.

Wearing hats, scarves and gloves and my new winter coat which comes below the knees, but today my legs were icy even with all that.

Feeling a little twinge of excitement for Christmas now that it's snowed.

Last Christmas ... I don't have decorations up yet this year!

Wanting to get my kitchen finished and back into place again!

my pink Christmas cactus

Thinking about knitting gifts for Christmas ... what could I make and would my family want them?  I'm itching to get back into knitting and sewing again!

Dreaming always about moving back to the country, but that dream slips further away with each passing year.

... and I just had to add one more ...

Watching the strong wind blowing leaves from trees that still have not finished dropping them all for autumn even though there's a layer of snow on the ground now.

Joining up with Sarah at Chantille Fleur with her Here & Now post. 
 What are you loving/eating/drinking/wearing/feeling/wanting/thinking or dreaming about today?


Monday, November 17, 2014

Kitchen Progress???

The kitchen makeover is taking much longer than expected ... which of course is always the way! I got the frame work all sanded, cleaned and primed now, but such a chore. I think my husband realized I might start to feel a little discouraged with it all, and has had pity on me and decided to pitch in and help (thank goodness!!). He took over the sanding of the doors because he can use an electric orbital sander for that job. I think he's a little tired of a week of traipsing down the hall to the storage locker for every dish he wants. It was easy to convince him to order in Chinese on the weekend to save making a meal here, and hopefully we can get this kitchen back together quickly now that the painting has started.

Progress so far:

One little strip there that needed resanding

Doors partially sanded, screw holes filled, now they need wiping with tack cloth before priming.

We went shopping for the final choice of paint colour (a very pale taupe), and couldn't resist looking at the countertops at Home Depot.  We came home with a few samples of those too.  I don't think a new countertop is going in before Christmas, but I've got to admit I would be thrilled to have one of these to replace my outdated fake marble there.  I like the one second from the right.

The dog took full advantage of the door coming off the pantry cupboard and all the food unprotected for a very short time, and quickly made off with a bag of Oreo cookies ... the mint kind!!  Little cheat! My husband is always teasing my son for eating all the cookies and got after him for the missing bag of cookies.  He said "I just bought them last night and now they're all gone?!"  My son said "I honestly didn't eat them all, there were lots left!!". When they realized the bag wasn't in the cupboard or in my son's room, my son (wanting to clear his name) checked behind my chair in the living room where the dog will hide any food wrappers he gets hold of.  Sure enough, there was the empty bag. Of course, Cody being the trusty dog that he is, gave back all the cookies sometime during the night, and told us all about it with his barking around 5:00 a.m. A nice liquid chocolaty pool of regurgitated chocolate cookies in front of the back door ... ugh.  It's turned us all off of Oreo's for a while now. Cody spent the entire day in the garage until I had time to give him a bath.

A very gloomy day today with the snow coming down all of yesterday (Jane, I'm not laughing anymore!). We only got a few inches of snow, but it's a bit early for us to get snow in mid-November, and it hasn't stopped yet! I hope this isn't a prelude to what's in store later when things really get cooking out there.

It was a fairy wonderland out there earlier, but it's melting away now (but a very find sleet is still falling)
This is the last photo of the year for my mini rose (taken yesterday).  This morning it was in a heap on the ground, weighted down with the snow.  I sure hope it survives the winter (the last one didn't).

And one more rambling thought.  I've been going through some photos of my mom's lately, and came across this little memento that my grandfather sent to his sister back in the first World War.  I thought it was quite pretty, and I'll bet Great Aunt Mary was pleased with it when it came in the post from her brother whom she admired very much.  I found it too late for a Remembrance Day post, but thought you might like to see it anyway :)  The card is embossed, and the window is lace with embroidery on that, and the little flap lifts up.  Isn't is sweet?  I love these old-fashioned cards, and there's quite a few in my box.

Well, time is ticking, and it's taken me far too long to write this post.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and ...

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